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Good Behavior Smoothing Spray is a hair care product designed to help tame frizz, control flyaways, and provide smoothness to the hair.

  • Frizz control: The spray helps to tame frizz and flyaways, leaving hair smoother and more manageable.
  • Smoothing effect: It provides a sleek and polished look to the hair, making it easier to style.
  • Heat protection: Many smoothing sprays contain ingredients that offer some level of heat protection, which can be beneficial when using heat styling tools.
  • Enhances shine: The spray can add shine and luster to the hair, giving it a healthier appearance.
  • Lightweight formula: Most smoothing sprays have a lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh the hair down or leave it feeling greasy.
  • Buildup: Some smoothing sprays may leave a residue or buildup on the hair over time, especially if used excessively.
  • Dependency: Continuous use of smoothing sprays may lead to dependency, where the hair becomes reliant on the product for smoothness.
  • Potential for product overload: Using too much of the smoothing spray can result in heavy or greasy-looking hair.
  • Not suitable for all hair types: While effective for many, smoothing sprays may not work well for all hair types, particularly very fine or oily hair.
  • Chemical ingredients: Some smoothing sprays contain chemicals like silicones, which may not be suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or those looking for more natural alternatives.


Benefits of Good Behavior Smoothing Spray

  1. Frizz control: Smoothing sprays are formulated to tame frizz and flyaways, leaving your hair looking sleek and polished.

  2. Smoothness and manageability: By coating the hair shaft and sealing the cuticle, these sprays help make your hair more manageable and easier to style.

  3. Heat protection: Many smoothing sprays contain ingredients that offer some level of heat protection, which is beneficial when using heat styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons.

  4. Enhanced shine: These sprays can add shine and luster to your hair, giving it a healthier and more vibrant appearance.

  5. Moisture retention: Some smoothing sprays also help to lock in moisture, preventing dryness and keeping your hair hydrated.

  6. Long-lasting results: When applied properly, a good smoothing spray can provide long-lasting smoothness and frizz control throughout the day.

  7. Versatility: Smoothing sprays can be used on various hair types and textures, making them a versatile styling product for many people.

How To Use Good Behavior Smoothing Spray

Here’s a general guide on how to use a Good Behavior Smoothing Spray:

  1. Preparation: Start with clean, towel-dried hair. You can use the smoothing spray on damp or dry hair, depending on the product and your preferences.

  2. Shake the bottle: Give the smoothing spray bottle a good shake to ensure that the ingredients are well-mixed.

  3. Spray evenly: Hold the bottle about 6-8 inches away from your hair and spray the product evenly throughout your hair. Focus on the mid-lengths to ends, where frizz and flyaways are most common. You can also spray lightly on the roots if you have particularly unruly hair.

  4. Comb through: Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to distribute the smoothing spray evenly through your hair. This helps ensure that every strand is coated with the product for maximum effectiveness.

  5. Style as usual: You can now proceed with your usual styling routine. Whether you’re blow-drying, straightening, curling, or leaving your hair to air dry, the smoothing spray will help to protect your hair from heat damage and keep it smooth and frizz-free.

  6. Finish: Once your hair is styled to your liking, you can optionally spray a small amount of the smoothing spray onto your finished style for added shine and hold.

  7. Avoid over-application: Remember that a little goes a long way with smoothing sprays. Start with a small amount and gradually add more if needed to avoid weighing down your hair or causing buildup.

  8. Enjoy: Enjoy your smooth, sleek hair throughout the day, knowing that the smoothing spray is helping to keep it looking its best.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I use the smoothing spray?

It depends on your hair type and styling routine. For some people, using the smoothing spray every time they wash their hair works well. Others may only need to use it on days when they style their hair with heat tools. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Can I use the smoothing spray on dry hair?

Yes, many smoothing sprays can be used on dry hair to tame frizz and add shine. However, it’s usually recommended to apply it to damp hair before blow-drying for best results.

Will the smoothing spray make my hair greasy?

Most smoothing sprays are formulated to be lightweight and non-greasy. However, using too much product or applying it too close to the roots can lead to greasiness. Start with a small amount and focus on the mid-lengths to ends of your hair to avoid this issue.

Can I still use other styling products with the smoothing spray?

Yes, you can use other styling products in conjunction with the smoothing spray, such as mousses, gels, or serums. Just be mindful of how much product you’re applying overall to avoid buildup or weighing down your hair.

Is the smoothing spray suitable for all hair types?

Smoothing sprays can be beneficial for many different hair types, including straight, curly, wavy, thick, and fine hair. However, results may vary depending on your hair’s individual needs and characteristics.

Does the smoothing spray provide heat protection?

Some smoothing sprays contain ingredients that offer heat protection, but not all of them do. Check the product label to see if it specifically mentions heat protection. If not, consider using a separate heat protectant product before using heat styling tools.

Can I use the smoothing spray if I have color-treated hair?

Yes, most smoothing sprays are safe to use on color-treated hair. In fact, some formulations may even help to protect and prolong the vibrancy of your hair color.


Final Thoughts of Good Behavior Smoothing Spray

Good Behavior Smoothing Spray into your hair care routine can offer numerous benefits, including frizz control, smoothness, enhanced shine, and heat protection. By following the proper application techniques and considering your hair type and styling preferences, you can achieve sleek, polished hair with ease.


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